Monday, November 14, 2005

Rose Bag Progress . . . .

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Boy, is this a brain exercizer! I did only one repeat the first night I worked on this and with no decreases. Not too bad. Last night I decided to pick it up again and did one repeat with a couple of decreases and then decided to keep going and do another repeat, with more decreases. WOW! After ripping out a few things a couple of times, I think I got it! Two more repeats to go on this half, with decreases, no less. How could they write a pattern and leave out vital information about how to alter the trellis stuff while doing the decreases??? I guess the challenge is good for the grey matter and keeps us on our toes. If this comes out when done, I'll sure be proud of it!!!


At 6:21 PM, Blogger Kellann said...

That looks awesome...I didn't think you all believed me when I said the pattern was missing important information!!! Just Kidding! I had to frog a few rows myself, like, all of them almost! Keep up the good work!



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