Monday, November 07, 2005

So Far = Okay?!?!

Here is a picture of what I have got so far:

Okay...I think it looks a little silly on the side; you see where the trellis doesn't branch out to the out sides. That is how it looks on the pictures that I have seen of the bag. Here is a very crudely drawn picture of what the bag should look like.

The arrow is where I am right now, I think (without looking) I am on row 5 of the third repeat. I know this is a really bad looking picture but this is what I have come up with. The trellis pattern is not hard...the decreases are a butt kicker!!! The pattern tells you where to decrease (kind of, thanks to Janet we figured it out) but it doesn't tell you how to decrease in the pattern, how to deal with the trellis while you are decreasing. I am trying to write what I am doing as I go along but this is tough.

I forgot to say that I am using size 17 needles. I started with these and I thought it looked pretty good. I didn't check the gauge but I think it will work.

Melissa: I think that the Lamb's Pride Bulky would work great. You may even get away with only doubling it, if you use the size 17 needles. I am really happy with the WOTA so far.

I will promise to keep you all posted!



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