Saturday, November 19, 2005

Question: Roses and how to seam them

I started to make the roses last night for the bag and then looked at the way to roll it up into a Rose.  Well this would be another problem.  The exact words are

“Bind off all Sts. Roll the ruffle edge and seam TO cast on edge to form rose.”

So that’s exactly what I did was – I made the rose and binded off like it said but when it came to seaming it.  I seamed it along the side.  Like one petal to another petal because it did not say seam the cast on edge or something like that.  So was I wrong?  I don’t know.  So when I get the project back out most likely later today.  I am going to make another rose but this time I am going to seam it along the cast on edge.  And then felt the 2 different roses and see which one I like.  I will hopefully post pictures later this weekend.

I know that creative holds no boundaries and I do not have to follow the pattern just as is since there are some different views.

What do you think?  Any help on this would be greatly appreciated


At 12:12 AM, Blogger Kellann said...

I just seamed along the cast-on edge. I think I did it right... here is the link to the pictures.

Kellann's Rose Pictures

You can see int he unfelted pic that the top edge is the cast-off edge.

I am going to do the rest like this...I think they look pretty good.



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