Monday, December 12, 2005

I finially got all my yarn!

After a long wait… I finially picked up the rest of my yarn last night.   I now have enough to start the basket.  I was missing the green to variegate my trellis.  I am so happy now that I can get back to my bag.  This will be a work in progress.  Here are my stats so far:

Needles: US#19 Long Straight  Rosewood for bag and US#19 Short Straight Rosewood for Roses and Leaves
Trellis Yarn: Lamb’s Pride Kiwi and Cascade 220 Heather Green (variegating both yarns at the same time)
Roses: Manos Flam and Cascade Blood Red
Background: Galway Black
Leaves:  Lamb’s Pride Kiwi and Cascade 220 Heather Green (mixing the 2 colors and doing some just by them selves)

I was going to do my bag in the round after reading Fmarr’s version in Knitter’s Review  but after looking at photo’s of those bags I think I am going to go with the original pattern.  Working in flat and seaming the sides.  

I will post pictures once I begin again.  
Stay tuned for my adventures of my knitting experience on the Vogue Felted Bag.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

"Kellann How is Your Bag Coming Along?"

Not at all!!! And would you all like to know why, JANET!!!! I just started working at the same LYS as her and she is a bad influance. NO, No, No, I am just kidding. CHRISTMAS is the real reason! I forgot I had so many things I wanted to get done for my loved ones for the big holiday...well "Rose" (as I like to call her" has been put ont he back burner but not forever!


Friday, December 02, 2005

Progress on my bag

Ok… Progress on my bag is zero.  I am waiting on getting one more yarn before knitting anymore.  Once I began the bag with what I thought was all the yarn I needed with exception of the leaf color yarn, I discovered that the yarn I was going to use for the leaves I am actually going use the yarn varigatedin the trellis so I am going to have to wait until at least until the 11th of December when I can get enough of the yarn.  I have made 10 of the roses with Manos Flame and Cascade 220 but I am almost out of the Cascade 220 Red. Since they are variegated I did not worry about Dye Lot.  Once again this is another yarn that I will be picking up on my Yarn Adventure on December 11th.  

Ok so about the Yarn Adventure:  Many of you might know or not know about this great little store in North Hollywood.  Well the Stitch Café is going to be having a Open House from 5 – 8 pm on December 11th.  Since the store is about 120 miles from my house we have decided to make it an adventure out.  Several of us will be venturing down to the store.  My main goal is to come home with Cascade 220 Heather Green and Cascade 220 Blood Red for my bag but who knows what else I will find down there.  Hey Sue, you should come to it.  I know that it is later in the day but we would love to see you there also.  Christy, Kelly and I are planning to be there at 5pm and then depending on the damage to our check book we will either be having Carls Jr or Olive Garden (like I said depending on the damage we do.  It seems that, that can happen so easily.  

Well onward and forward… waiting for the yarn… ho hum I shall be a knitting fool once I get the yarn...