Sunday, March 26, 2006

Soooo Many NEW MEMBERS!!!

I am trying to get you all on the board but please have patience with me!!! I will soon be adding our "Blogger" user names to the name list on in the side bar so we can tell who is talkin'! We are going to have such fun!!!

For those of you that don't have the pattern yet here are a few links to purchase it!
Jimmy Beans Wool
Dream Weaver Yarns
Royal Yarns

All of these online stores have the Vogue Knitting Winter 2004/05 magazine for around $5.99 (great price, there are other good patterns in this issue!) that the pattern is in. Also you can check with your local yarn shop (LYS) to see if they still have it but maybe it is not on the shelves!

Here is a picture of what the cover looks like!
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I hope this is a bit of help!!!

Kelly "Kellann"

To All of the NEW members

Hi everybody!!! Here are a couple of notes so I don't have to e-mail you all individually!

The Pattern:I DO NOT have extra copies of this pattern and I am no longer able to send the PDF of the pattern out. The reason is that this pattern is for sale and it is not fair to give it away to everyone. You can purchase back issues of Vogue Knitting from their website (all of the pattern info is on the right) and e-bay is always a good place to look!

Knitting Level: This is not a beginner's pattern. The trellis pattern is tricky and there is a lot of counting to do in regards to the decreases.

Other then that have fun and post any problems or questions you have here!!!

I am still Alive....

And I am pickin' up the needles! I have put this bag on the back burner for a long time now but because of a bunch of ladies wanting to get involved with the knit-a-long I am ready to pick my needles up again!!! I have one and a quarter sides done and I have made a little picture that helps with the decreases...I will post that ASAP! Thanks all for resparking my interests!